About Us

Why Baseball Armory?
Since its creation in 1839, baseball has always had deep patriotic roots. From the Civil War to World War II, to President Bush’s memorable first pitch after 9/11 and David Ortiz’s iconic speech after the Boston bombings, there has always been a sense of unwavering pride surrounding America’s Pastime. Our hope as a business is to provide apparel that our customers can take pride in wearing while also showcasing that steadfast patriotism for our country.

We chose the word “armory” because our goal for Baseball Armory is to give back to families and athletes in communities across the country and help provide opportunities for kids to be able to participate in sports, regardless of possible financial limitations. As a former travel baseball coach and professional baseball player I have met athletes and families from all walks of life. I have seen countless families struggle and sacrifice due the costs and commitment involved with youth sports. Baseball Armory is a small start up, but we have joined with a non profit, The SD Project, and a portion of our sales go straight to helping families directly. Our company is more than a lifestyle brand; it is a call to action. We hope to inspire players to step up and help out in their communities while continuing to push the game of baseball to the next level.